Our Favourite Cruelty-Free & Vegan Makeup Brands You Should Support


As I began my research for this post, I almost fell off my chair reading some of the statistics related to Animal Testing. It is 2017, how is animal testing still a thing? There are so many non-animal testing methods that are much more humane and actually cheaper, faster and more pertinent to humans. The sad reality is that animal testing does still occur, in fact more than 100 million animals suffer and die in the U.S. every year in cruel chemical, drug, food, and cosmetics tests. PETA and HSI have global campaigns that are aimed at exposing and ending the use of animals in experiments. The EU, India and Israel have implemented bans against animal testing. However, there are still many makeup brands that use animals in their testing and still many countries that haven’t implemented laws against such testing.

WHAT CAN YOU DO? As a consumer we can shift our support to the cruelty-free and vegan makeup brands to voice our concerns and encourage other companies to transition to cruelty-free testing. You can also look for petitions, campaigns and donate towards organizations fighting against animal testing in cosmetics (see PETA and HSI). 

Many of us dog parents, are animal lovers in general. Dogs may be our favourite four-legged species, but there is no doubt we want to make the world a better place for all animals. 

Below are some of our favourite makeup brands that do not test on animals. We included cruelty free make-up brands for every budget from high-end to drugstore brands. (Note: There are many more cruelty-free makeup brands out there, we are just documenting our favourite ones). I even added my favourite product from each brand below for you to try!



Anastasia Beverly Hills - The ‘Liquid Lipstick’ is my favourite for a long-lasting matte look.

Too Faced* - Their ‘Better Than Sex Mascara’ is a god send for your lashes!

Urban Decay*- Any of the ‘Naked’ eyeshadow palettes, ‘Naked3’ is my personal fave.

Kat Von D - We love her ‘Lock-It Setting Powder’!

Becca*- Like everyone, we’re obsessed with Chrissy Teigen and love the new ‘Glow Face Palette’.

Nars*- The ‘Radiant Creamy Concealer’ is seriously the best concealer I’ve ever used! Also love the Nars ‘Luminous’ Foundation!

Marc Jacobs Beauty- Their ‘Perfecting Coconut Face Primer’ is out of this world good.

Tarte*- I am obsessed over this highlighter trend in general, but especially the ‘Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Highlighter’ by Tarte.

Cargo- The ‘OneBase’ is a concealer and foundation in one…need we say more?

Lush- Give me all the bath bombs!!

The Body Shop*- Any of their body sorbets!


NYX*- The ‘Butter Gloss’ Lipglosses smell amazing, last a long time and AREN’T sticky! Win!

Marcelle- Not technically makeup, but Marcelle makes the BEST makeup removers!

Gosh- Really loving the Gosh Shimmer Powder.

WetNWild- Any of their fun blushes!

Note: Every brand above does not personally test on animals, but the brands with the * beside their name indicates that their parent company does test on animals. For example, L’Oreal owns Urban Decay, and L’Oreal still tests on animals, although Urban Decay does not.

The best way to end animal testing is to stop purchasing products that are tested on animals, and to start purchasing products from companies that are against animal testing. Together we can encourage companies to leverage humane testing methods, and push out all the others! 

What’s your favourite cruelty-free makeup brand?



Written on July 11, 2017