Make Your Dog Be Your Valentine This Year

We’ve all heard the phrase “I like dogs more than I like most people”, right? Well, Valentine’s Day is a time where you can put these words into action. We keep seeing the term ‘Galentine’s Day’ everywhere, which symbolizes spending Valentine’s day with your gal pals because we #dontneednoman. Galentine’s Day celebrations are awesome, but sometimes you want something even more low-key and intimidate. We’re introducing ‘Palentine’s Day’, a day where you celebrate the love between you and your bff four-legged pal. Sure it sounds like something we made up (and maybe we did), but doesn’t it also sound like the best Holiday EVER?

If you so choose to follow our paw steps in celebrating ‘Palentine’s Day’ this year, here at 6 ways to celebrate your Dog being your Valentine:

1. Enjoy a candlelit dinner together _config.yml

2. Bake Valentine’s Cookies _config.yml

3. Watch your favourite movie together _config.yml

4. Go to a dog-friendly social event _config.yml

5. Gift them a few of their favourite things _config.yml

6. Go on an extra long trail walk _config.yml

Written on February 3, 2018