6 of the GREATEST Holiday Photo Shoots with Dogs

With Halloween now in our rear view mirror it is time to look forward to our next Holiday. Which just so happens to be the most wonderful time of the year… CHRISTMAS!!

Amongst all the Christmas shopping and Holiday parties, some families find time to go the extra mile and do a family holiday photoshoot! Every year the Christmas cards arrive in the mail I say “ARGH” and wish I would have been prepared enough to spread Holiday cheer and send out our own Christmas cards!

Well, this year we are preparing ahead and getting our family photos done THIS WEEK. Yes you heard me, the first week in November. insert clapping emoji here. Okay, so we’re tooting our own horn but it actually wasn’t too difficult to send a quick message to a local photographer and get something setup. The difficult thing is deciding what to wear!

It is still fall here in Ontario, so do we dress in plaid and merge fall with Christmas, do we go all out and frolic around in Santa onesies or do we stay classy and wear our Sunday bests? SO MANY QUESTIONS. Of course we are including our four-legged furbaby in the pictures (and let’s be serious she will be the star of the show), so we also have to get her all dolled up in something matchy and adorable.

To help inspire our upcoming photoshoot, and hopefully a few of yours too, we’ve compiled our top 6 favourite holiday photoshoots!

A classy spin on the Holiday Postcard Picture, with a pop of red plaid:


A fun and cute red and white themed photo shoot, with some awesome props:


When your family wants to channel their inner Mr. & Mrs. Clause plus the cutest reindeer:


A great use of props:


We just can’t get enough of the plaid themed shoots:


We don’t like to play favourites, but this one definitely takes the cake for most creative:


Nothing makes us happier than seeing pictures of other families spreading the Christmas cheer and posing with their furbabies. Comment below or following us on Instagram (@fureveryapp) to share your photos!

Written on November 9, 2017