25 Weird Things That Every Dog Parent Does

Today on the blog we’re talking about 25 weird things that every dog parent does, so therefore it is not weird…

  1. Constantly come up with better and better nicknames for your Dog (ie. Dog’s original name: Bear, Dog’s eventually nickname: Hairy Beary, the Mayor of Beartown, USA).

  2. Lie on the floor to see what they would do if you fainted

  3. OR pretend to cry and see if they come to your rescue

  4. Then actually cry if they don’t do anything in response to your fake faint or fake cry

  5. Conduct a professional photo shoot of your dog every time they fall asleep


  6. Point and say “that’s you” when your dog walks past a mirror

  7. Hold your dog’s paw when you’re snuggling and tell everyone that you’re holding hands

  8. Stare at your dog and wonder what they’re thinking

  9. …and why they’re so gosh darn cute

  10. …and if they know how loved they are

  11. Feel offended if no one makes a fuss over your dog when you’re out in public with them

  12. Say “you’re nakey” every time you take their collar off


  13. Say “bless you” when they sneeze

  14. Try to get them to fall in love with every one of your friends’ dogs

  15. Laugh when your dog’s ear is accidentally flipped back

  16. Point at the TV or your Phone whenever dogs are on to see your dog’s reaction

  17. Think that your dog is going to be best friends with every other dog of the same breed

  18. Avoid getting up to do something if your dog is snuggled into you

  19. Sleep with half your body off the bed to avoid having to disrupt your dog

  20. Randomly say “boop” and tap your dog’s nose

  21. Facetime with your dog whenever you are away from them

  22. Cancel plans to stay home and hang out with your dog

  23. Throw a Birthday party for your dog (and obviously make it BYOD - Bring Your Own Dog)


  24. Call your dog by terms of endearment like ‘honey, baby cakes, sugar plum, beefcake’

  25. And talk to them in a baby voice that you’d be embarrassed of

We’d love to hear your stories. Are there anymore weird things that you do with your dog? There is no shame here!

Written on September 15, 2017